Uno siente deseos de vivir y yo vivo a pesar de la lógica. No creo en el orden universal, pero amo los brotecitos frescos de la primavera y el cielo azul y, aunque no sé por qué, también a algunas personas.

Los hermanos Karamazov, Fiodor Dostoievski


Conceptual Photography by Anja Niemi

Check out this selection of artistic photographs by Anja Niemi, a Norwegian photographer.

More of the photos here.

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I could never cheat on anyone. It’s the type of mistake and wrong doing I couldn’t live with. Knowing that you destroyed someone’s trust is bad, but destroying someone’s perspective on love is far too worse.

— Amino Auditore 

materials for diy clay ornament project. by Olivia Kanaley for Minted.

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